Environmental Protection

We care about the environment and make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment and to promote good environmental practice

Environmental Policy

As an operator of underground gas storage facilities, our company is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment in its environmental protection policy.

The Environmental Protection Directive, individual methodological guidelines in the field of air, water, chemical substances and waste management, together with environmental protection objectives, are part of the broader environmental protection framework at innogy, which has implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Minimizing the impact of the company's activities on the environment is based on a preventive approach and proactive action. To achieve our goals in the field of environmental protection and compliance with all legal requirements, one or more persons responsible for meeting the requirements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System are assigned to each underground storage facility.


Environmental Indices


Project Vivid Islands in RWE Gas Storage CZ

The aim of the project is the planting of a meadow habitat typical for the given area, as a replacement for the existing grassy areas in the areas of individual UGS.

By planting the original meadow plants, instead of the existing grassland, unique habitats will be created in the landscape, which is marked by human activity. The technological parks of the RWE Gas Storage CZ tanks will thus become a suitable place for the life of many animals, from insects to small mammals and vertebrates. This will literally create "living islands", which will be fundamentally different from the rest of the surrounding landscape, and which will be an ideal place to live for butterflies, bees and other animals important for the ecological stability of the surrounding area.

By planting and caring for selected grassy areas, we will achieve that parts of the RWE Gas Storage CZ areas, so far almost lifeless, will be one living organism.

During the implementation of the project, we cooperated with representatives of the nature and landscape protection agency in order to use the maximum potential of this project.

Maintaining and promoting biodiversity is one of the most important areas for our company that are involved in protecting the environment.

In addition to the above benefits, the frequency of maintenance of grassy areas and thus financial costs will be reduced.

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Biodiversita, Dolní Dunajovice 1
Biodiversita, Dolní Dunajovice 3
Biodiversita, Dolní Dunajovice 3
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Ing. Regina Lukešová

Environmental Health Officer

Czech Republic